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The mission of the American Lung Association is to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease. Through research, education and advocacy, we fight to reduce smoking, clean the air we breathe, prevent and treat lung diseases including asthma and COPD, and eliminate lung cancer.
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  • Have a great night! Enjoy ASCO for those attending. I won't be there but my colleagues will! Thanks for a great chat. ,
  • T3 Key takeaways from the session. If you had to tell someone what they missed in 140 characters ,
  • T2 Also don't be afraid to "google as you". Another reason why you want to carry your charger :) ,

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Meet our New Intern: Brooke Trujillo

Meet our new intern Brooke Trujillo. We’re excited to have her on our team, working with Samantha on lots of policy related projects! Check out her ABCs and get to know her a little better. A is for Area Code: 707 B is for Breakfast. What did you have for breakfast today? Scrambled ERead More »

Buying Dirty Air

Our annual State of the Air reports tell us that Californians face greater air pollution challenges than anywhere in the nation. Our volunteers, medical and health partners and staff fight for clean air because we know the terrible toll unhealthy air c...Read More »

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Alaska State Fair going smoke-free

has adopted a smoke-free policy that will send tobacco and e-cigarette users outside the fences into a handful of temporary smoking areas. Under the new policy, smoking isn’t permitted during the fair anywhere within fenced common areas of the fairgroundRead more »

MECHLING: Why the New Federal Rules on E-Cigarettes Are Long Overdue

Is it any surprise that Marcia Clark’s ashtray was the most dated accessory in The People v. O.J. Simpson... Below, three facts to consider before taking a puff. E-cigarettes are addictive. The active ingredient in e-cigarettes is the same nicotine founRead more »