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Our Accomplishments


At the Center, we measure our success by the success of local campaigns led by local tobacco control coalitions and advocates across California. We guide community activists, volunteers and county staff in developing the knowledge and skills to educate policy makers, carry out local policy campaigns, and organize community coalitions to win.

And we have been winning a lot in California. Over the past 10 years tobacco control advocates have passed hundreds of smokefree housing, smokefree outdoor areas and tobacco retailer licensing ordinances.

We believe that our trainings, our troubleshooting calls, the local websites, and our in-depth policy documents have contributed to this broad success.

Here are just a few of the many examples:

  • Since 2005, each year we’ve provided the Los Angeles County Health Department’s local subcontractors with a strategy chart session and a skills training. And they’ve had enormous success – over 100 policies have passed in Los Angeles County.
  • In Santa Barbara we’ve provided trainings to advocates in almost all of the small towns – Santa Maria, Buellton, Solvang, Carpinteria – and as a result have seen strong policies pass in our wake.
  • In Fresno we’ve done a training each year with the coalition and providing guidance that aided in the passage of tobacco retailer licensing policies in small towns like Parlier and Kerman.

In addition to the many ordinances passed in California, here are a few other ways we are proud to measure our victories:

  • Our tailored presentations have received rave reviews by the over 1,000 participants who have attended one of our over 100 trainings in the past 5 years.
  • Our blog and Capitol Information & Education Days Guide have won national recognition.
  • We’ve raised awareness on emerging issues through the nine public opinion polls we have conducted, raising awareness and guiding strategies of policy campaigns for years to come.

We’re proud of these accomplishments and look forward to many more!

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