Our Team

We are committed tobacco control junkies with a penchant for helping others. All of us have a sincere belief that policy is the solution, and that we can help others pass those policies. We bring skills and experiences from many aspects of policy and community organizing and apply it to tobacco control.

Vanessa Marvin

Since putting on a smokestack costume in college to protest a polluting power plant, Vanessa has been hooked on community organizing and loves helping others engage their communities in passing policies. As part of the American Lung Association in California Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing for the past 10 years, Vanessa has traveled many of the back roads of California working with local advocates on their tobacco control campaigns. Now as the State Director for the past 2 years she leads statewide efforts to promote tobacco policy change. Prior to joining the Lung Association Vanessa worked as a community organizer for the Alaska Wilderness League, PennPIRG and Connecticut Voices for Children. To get herself ready for a big day of community organizing Vanessa loves to do a crossfit workout and bake (& taste) paleo cupcakes.

Lindsey Freitas

Lindsey has always been drawn in by the ability of the political process and well drafted policy to institute needed change and protections for those most vulnerable. As Policy Manager for the American Lung Association in California Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing, she is able to put this passion to work on policies all over California and provides regular updates about tobacco related policies at all levels of government. Prior to joining the team at the Center, Lindsey utilized her policy skills first at the federal level through an internship with Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo, and then at the state level working in the Legislative Department with the California Professional Firefighters, tracking bills and assisting in implementing their legislative strategy. When not culling through bills and ordinances, Lindsey can almost always be found enjoying a beach somewhere, her favorites are Tahoe and Santa Cruz.

Erin Reynoso

Since she can remember, Erin has had a passion for empowering community members to affect change in their community. As the Charter Director for Patient Advocacy and Grassroots Organizing for the American Lung Association, Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing, she gets to travel throughout the state doing just that. In addition to her work with tobacco control advocates, Erin works to empower patients and survivors of lung cancer and other lung diseases to use their voice to educate decision makers on lung health policy. Prior to her work at the American Lung Association, she worked on addressing racial and ethnic mental health disparities as well as multiple ballot initiatives. When she’s not working, Erin enjoys spending time at home with her three dogs and two cats and one husband.

Diana Douglas

With a background in political sociology and public health research, Diana loves that her work puts her squarely at the intersection of policy, health, and politics. As Tobacco Policy Analyst for the American Lung Association in California’s Center for Tobacco Policy and Organizing, she monitors tobacco policies and provides expertise to coalitions statewide. Prior to joining the Lung Association, Diana worked for the University of North Carolina in education research and as a data analyst for a team of public health advocates conducting nutritional interventions in the Canadian Arctic. In her spare time, Diana enjoys gaming, hiking with her family, and rock climbing.

John Yi

John has focused much of his work in advocacy and community organizing, helping to represent communities often battling against larger special interests. As the current Advocacy Director for the American Lung Association in California, he is leading the organization’s advocacy and policy efforts in Los Angeles and Orange County. Before the Lung Association, he served as the Interim National Director for Parent Revolution, an education and social justice non-profit. John has also lived abroad, working in Moscow, Russia as a Fellow for the Alfa Fellowship Program and in Seoul for a South Korean Congressman. John enjoys cooking, watching television, and learning new languages. He speaks Korean and Russian.

Juliette Linzer

Juliette has worked on policy issues and promoted democratic processes around the globe — focusing on health policy issues on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, working with the uninsured in Boston, and assisting new democracies in Central and Eastern Europe and South America. Since 1999, when she founded Linzer and Associates, Juliette has focused her efforts on program evaluation and management consulting. She serves as the Evaluation Consultant for the Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing, and has worked on program evaluations, grants management, and other consulting projects in the areas of smokefree housing, tobacco divestment, nutrition and fitness, asthma, childcare, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, breast cancer, and health care administration. Juliette also serves on the board of Global Health Research Foundation. When not working, Juliette is busy researching exotic vacation spots. Favorites so far have been backpacking on the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, trekking in Uganda to see the silverback gorillas, and hiking to Tiger’s Nest Temple in Bhutan.