Final Update and Tobacco Vote Record: 2016 California Legislative Session

The State Capitol in Sacramento, California. This is a low angle view of the front of the building from the northwest. The American Flag, the California Flag and the POW MIA Flags are flying at half mast.

At the end of each legislative session, the Center produces an annual vote record that summarizes the outcome of each bill and how each member of the legislature voted. Click below for our latest vote record.


Legislative Update: New Bills Introduced for 2017 Legislative Session

Picture of the California State Capital Building in landscape orientation. View is from the South side of the building showing palm trees and the formal landscape.

With the deadline to introduce new bills for the 2017 session of the California Legislature less than a month away, one tobacco-related bill has been introduced. Click below for our full legislative update.

Updated Organizing Document: Using Digital Media Strategically in Your Campaigns

an image of some social media icons

From using Twitter to spread press releases and important survey data to researching decisions makers on Facebook, a smart digital media strategy can go a long way in making your campaigns a success. And so, The Center is proud to release its updated organizing document “Using Digital Media Strategically in Your Campaigns.” Breaking down the campaigns into five different phases, our organizing document shows the powerful role digital media can play at each step. You can find the document attached here.

Using Digital Media Strategically in your Campaigns

Tobacco Retail Licensing Documents

an image of a wall of tobacco products in a shop

In order to reduce illegal sales of tobacco products to minors, many cities and counties in California have adopted strong local tobacco retailer licensing ordinances. This document highlights the 126 ordinances that are considered strong, as well as the fee and enforcement provisions.

Matrix of Ordinances Restricting Retailers Near Schools: Sept 2016


person smoking an E-cigarette

Cities and counties across California are taking steps to protect their communities from electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, which have seen a recent increase in use and advertising. Here is the list of 208 cities and counties in California that have regulated the use and/or sales of e-cigarettes in the strongest possible way.

Local Policies On The Use And Sales Of Electronic Cigarettes: January 2016

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