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Local Campaign Websites

As part of our efforts to serve and build the capacity of local coalitions working on policy campaigns, we offer local coalitions the exciting opportunity to create a campaign website to engage coalition members, the media, elected officials, and local community activists.

Your campaign website is limited to one page…
  • Photos of your campaign, city, coalition, or campaign logo
  • Links to news stories, campaign materials like flyers or fact sheets and city council materials
  • Action alerts through the American Lung Association in California’s Action Network where a visitor can send a letter to a council member or board member regarding the proposed policy
  • An online public opinion survey about your issue, policy, and campaign
  • Links to social media like the campaign’s Facebook or Twitter page
Setting up your page is easy!
  • You (health department staff or coalition members) are responsible for creating & collecting the website content
  • Center staff will upload the content and make changes as developments occur in your campaign
  • You and your local coalition will be responsible for promoting the site locally.
  • Each campaign will have a unique and simple url

As always, we are available to answer questions along the way

To see how it works, check out our checklist to create a local campaign website.

Or click on the links below to see current live local campaign websites:

Contact Erin Reynoso at erin.reynoso@lung.org for questions or if you are interested in creating a website for your local policy campaign.

*Please note, all information contained on these websites has been provided to us by the respective local coalitions. The Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing in no way guarantees or endorses the facts or statements found on these websites.

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