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Smoke-Free Goleta

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Our Mission:

Create a healthier, cleaner Goleta  by protecting citizens from secondhand smoke reducing tobacco litter, and reducing youth access to tobacco products.

Campaign Updates:

Goleta Park Butt Clean Ups
Click here for 2011 data from clean ups carried out by Youth from the COYA

Tobacco control issues have resurfaced during recent Goleta City Council meetings. The City Council has referred tobacco control to the Ordinance Committee. This graph shows the percentage of businesses selling tobacco to minors in Goleta between 2008-20012 (click to enlarge).

bar chart of illegal sales of tobacco to minors

Results of Fall 2012 Public Opinion Survey

Local data collected from 886 Goleta residents has shown that the public is very supportive of strong policies that protect outdoor spaces in Goleta (click to enlarge).

bar chart of public opinion on smoke free places

2011 Illegal Sales Rate to Minors

Sales rates of tobacco products to minors in Goleta jumped from 6% in 2010 to 19% in 2011. For more information click here.

Citizens who have questions or complaints go to the City’s website or call 805 961-7500

Click here to find contact information for Goleta City Council Members.

GOLETA RESIDENTS – If you want to breathe clean air and have clean streets, join other community members in helping make Goleta a success. If you would like more information or would like to join us please email

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Secondhand Smoke and Litter

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Tobacco Retail Licensing

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Tobacco Retail Licensing data pending. Check back soon! 

Campaign logo and slogan developed by Youth Coalition Member Nino Mireles.