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Smokefree OC – Costa Mesa

The mission of Smokefree OC, a project of the American Lung Association in California, is to protect Orange County residents from the hazards of secondhand smoke exposure by increasing the number of smokefree environments indoors and out.

JOIN US to help make Costa Mesa a healthier place to live. Together, we can make a difference in our community!


Hookah Lounges

Smokefree OC is currently working with the city of Costa Mesa to prohibit hookah lounges throughout the city.

Hookah is a glass or metal water pipe that is used to smoke tobacco. It is becoming increasingly popular among youth and young adults as an alternative form of tobacco use. It poses the same damaging health effects as cigarette smoking, but it is often perceived as less harmful.  According to the World Health Organization, smoking hookah for 45-60 minutes (average session length) can be equivalent to smoking 100 or more cigarettes.

In recent years, there has been tremendous growth in the number of hookah lounges in California. Some communities in Orange County, specifically the city of Santa Ana, have prohibited hookah lounges to protect the health of their residents.

Smokefree Licensed Child Care Homes

California state law only prohibits smoking during hours of operation and in areas of the home where children receive care. This law does not fully protect children from the hazards of drifting secondhand smoke and the harms from residue left on clothes, carpet, and other surfaces once the cigarette is extinguished. This is known as thirdhand smoke.

Luckily, some licensed child care homes are going beyond the state law to protect children from secondhand and thirdhand smoke. These licensed providers, whose business is 100% smokefree in all areas during and after hours of operation, are Gold Star Childcare Providers.

Smokefree OC Updates:

  • Costa Mesa approved an extended moratorium (study session) for hookah lounges that can last up to 10 months and 15 days.
  • Smokefree OC volunteers are collecting surveys from Costa Mesa residents to obtain their opinions about hookah lounges.
  • There are currently seven child care homes that are part of the Gold Star Provider Program.

Take Action!

  • Stay informed! Sign-up now to receive periodic updates from the Smokefree OC team.
  • Share your story with us! Why are smokefree child care homes and other environments important to you? Send an email to our OC team with your story.
  • Join the conversation! Attend Costa Mesa City Council Meetings with other Smokefree OC supporters and tell them why you want smokefree environments in your community.
  • Support it! Write a letter of support for smokefree child care homes and/or a ban of hookah lounges from you or on behalf of your agency and submit to
  • Educate others! Contact us to schedule an educational presentation for your church, school, workplace or civic organization.
  • Volunteer! Contact our OC team for opportunities to help collect surveys, petitions and other activities.

Our Local Decision Makers:

Costa Mesa City Council 

Mayor Jim Righeimer (

Mayor Pro Tem Stephan Mensinger (

Council Member Sandrea Genis (

Council Member Wendy Leece  (

Council Member Gary Monahan (


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