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Tobacco Free Parks & Beaches in Santa Barbara

Our Mission:

The County of Santa Barbara has a large park system and some of the most beautiful beaches in the state. You can find people relaxing on their lunch break, kids having fun all around, and families enjoying a Friday night concert or attending another downtownevent. Unfortunately, discarded cigarette butts, used matches, and drifting secondhand tobacco smoke can also be found at the County Parks and Beaches. A local task force of youth and community minded citizens is spearheading a campaign to promote a tobacco-free policy for countywide parks and beaches. Here’s why:

**The California Air Resources Board has declared secondhand smoke to be a toxic air contaminant that can cause serious illness and even death.
**Secondhand smoke contains more than 50 cancer-causing chemicals.
**Short-term secondhand smoke exposure can trigger asthma attacks, migraines, and allergic reactions.
**Secondhand tobacco smoke is also a health threat to non-smokers outdoors. For example, environmental health scientist Neil Klepeis found that “a nonsmoker who is 1 or 2 feet away from a single burning cigarette, can easily inhale pollution that is 10 times greater, on average, than background “clean” levels.” However, with multiple smokers present, the average pollution levels jump even higher. (Real-time Measurement of Outdoor Tobacco Smoke Particles. Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association.)

The idea of tobacco-free parks and beaches is not to make people who smoke feel unwelcome. Tobacco-free policies are designed to merely limit the area in which smoking is permitted and provide cleaner air for everyone. Another perk is that tobacco-free policies reduce unsightly cigarette butt litter.

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Tobacco-Free Santa Barbara In the News:

*New* Tobacco-free Parks Ordinance Implementation – New County Ordinance bans use of tobacco products in outdoor recreational areas owned and operated by the County Parks Department.

Carpinteria youth at Girls Inc highlight the issues of tobacco free parks. Click here for the story.

Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors Updates:

*UPDATE* On April 20, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to restrict tobacco use in county parks, beaches and trailheads.

**On April 20, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to restrict tobacco use in county parks, beaches and trailheads.

**On April 6, the Board of Supervisors heard public comment on the issue of tobacco free parks and beaches. Click here to watch the video of that discussion.

**On April 6th, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in favor of a tobacco free parks and beaches policy.

**On 3/25/10, the Santa Barbara County Parks and Recreation Commission voted 4 to 1 to ban all tobacco use at parks, beaches and on trails. Parking areas, camping parks, and within 30 foot of ranger residences will be exempted from the proposed prohibitions.

**On 12/10/09 the Parks & Recreation Commissioners voted unanimously to direct staff to work with the Public Health Department to draft language around a tobacco-free parks policy for county parks and beaches. It was recommended that this draft ordinance be available by February 25 for further discussion.

**Board of Supervisors voted unamiously on 12/08/09 to direct the Parks & Recreation Commissioners and the Public Health Department to draft language around a tobacco-free parks policy for county parks and beaches. Click here for more details.

**On December 1st, the BOS in Santa Barbara voted under the consent agenda to set a hearing for December 8 on the Tobacco-free parks issue. Click here for the county’s website.

Our Decision Makers:

Check out the County of Santa Barbara’s website.

Santa Barbara County Supervisors
1st District Supervisor, Salud Carbajal
Phone: (805) 568-2186, Fax (805) 568-2534

2nd District Supervisor, Janet Wolf
Phone: (805) 568-219, Fax (805) 568-2283

3rd District Supervisor, Doreen Farr
Phone: (805) 568-2192, Fax (805) 568-2883
Solvang: (805) 686-5095, Fax (805) 686-8133

4th District Supervisor, Joni Gray
Phone (Lompoc) : (805) 737-7700
Santa Maria: (805) 686-5095

5th District Supervisor, Joe Centeno, Chair
Phone: (805) 346-8400, Fax (805) 346-8404

Contact Us:

Contact Donna Beal at (805) 252-2530 or for more information about this issue or to get involved.