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Helpful Tools for Your Campaigns

The key to successful community organizing is a strong foundation of information, an understanding of the community and local governments, a strategic campaign plan and a lot of committed community members. At the Center, we work with local coalitions to put community organizing theories into action by utilizing the Midwest Academy Strategy Chart as the basis of our work. We have also developed complementary materials such as the Circles of Influence, the Decision Makers Matrix and the Decision Maker Profile Form, that help you further develop different aspects of the strategy chart.

Community organizing encompasses a variety of techniques, tools, and tactics, which we have grouped together as phases for you. Use these specific tools in each phase to help your coalition or campaign team strategize and become more effective.

To learn more about these phases check out our Success in Policy Campaigns: 5 Phases to Victory document. And to help you keep track of which tools to use in each phase (since many of them overlap phases) use our Useful Tools for Your Campaign document. You can also check out our new Using Digital Media Strategically in Your Campaign document to look across the phases and determine how to best use social media in your campaign.

PHASE 1 - Tools for Preliminary Investigation and Assessment
Goal Setting ExerciseGoal Setting Exercise

PHASE 2 - Tools for Strategy and Planning
Midwest Academy Chart ThumbnailMidwest Academy Strategy Chart

PHASE 3 - Tools for Recruitment
Guidelines For RecruitmentGuidelines For Recruitment

PHASE 4 - Tools for the Campaign
Media Spokesperson TipsMedia Spokesperson Tips

PHASE 5 - Tools for Post-Campaign Implementation
After Passing the Policy: Whats Next? thumbnailAfter Passing the Policy: Whats Next?

Community Organizing Updates – Stories and lessons from around the state
June 2014 org update thumbnailUsing Social Media for Your Local Campaigns June 2014

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