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From the foggy redwoods of Crescent City to the desert border of El Centro, and lots of cities big and small in between, we have provided countless trainings for local coalitions working on policy change.

No matter what policy goal you are working on, and no matter how far away you are, we can help.

Strategic trainings are one of the free services offered by the Center to you, your coalition, or your grantees. Your job is just to bring together a group of 10 community advocates. We have worked with coalitions on issues such as smokefree housing, tobacco retailer licensing, smokefree events, healthy eating and acting living, providing them with skills and strategies to approach these campaigns. 

We are a resource to either help you determine and plan your own strategic direction or to be a training opportunity on key skills for your coalition members or subcontractors.

Below we have provided sample agendas from past trainings we’ve conducted, however these are just examples. We personalize every training to fit your local needs. All of these fun, interactive sessions are available to your coalitions!

Building Influence thumbnailBuilding Influence
Campaign Assessment thumbnailCampaign Assessment
Campaign Consultation thumbnailCampaign Consultation
Choosing an Issue thumbnailChoosing an Issue
Coalition Management & Facilitation thumbnailCoalition Management & Facilitation
Coalition Strategy thumbnailCoalition Strategy
CX Planning Facilitation thumbnailCX Planning Facilitation
Completing the Midwest Academy Strategy Chart thumbnailCompleting the Midwest Academy Strategy Chart
Determining Your Policy Options thumbnailDetermining Your Policy Options
FDA Regulations & Their Impact thumbnailFDA Regulations & Their Impact
Introduction to the Strategy Chart thumbnailIntroduction to the Strategy Chart
Meeting with Elected Officials thumbnailMeeting with Elected Officials
Policy Introduction thumbnailPolicy Introduction
Recruitment & Coalition Building thumbnailRecruitment & Coalition Building
Revitalizing Your Coalition thumbnailRevitalizing Your Coalition
Selecting a Community thumbnailSelecting a Community
Social Media Training thumbnailSocial Media: Using Social Media in your Policy Campaign
Spokesperson Training thumbnailSpokesperson Training
Strategic Messaging on Pharmacies thumbnailStrategic Messaging on Pharmacies
Strategic Messaging on SHSStrategic Messaging on SHS
Strategic Planning Sessions thumbnailStrategic Planning Sessions
Tobacco Money thumbnailTobacco Money: Uncovering Tobacco Industry Opposition at the State & Local Levels

Our services are FREE to agencies contracted with our funders and we will travel to your community at NO cost to you.

If you would like to schedule a training or strategy session from the Center give us a call at (916) 585-7671.

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