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New Legislator Orientation

What is New Legislator Orientation (NLO)?

Every two years in January after the newly elected legislators enter the Legislature we host New Legislator Orientation (NLO).

NLO is a great way for Proposition 99 funded agencies and coalition members from all over California to reach out and educate their new legislators on the tobacco control issues in their community before he or she begins planning their policy priorities for the year.

How does NLO work?

Like District Days, New Legislator Orientation, meetings are held in the district and are organized and scheduled by you and your coalition members.

We will provide you with information and resources on scheduling and holding district meetings. There will also be a technical assistance call to prepare you and your coalition members to make the most of this opportunity.

How do I know if I have a new legislator?

In preparation for NLO, we will produce a complete list of new legislators. This document contains information on the new legislator’s previous occupation and the counties he or she represents.

To determine who your legislators are, visit and enter your home address.

For more information, please call us at (916) 585-7661 or email at

Just as a reminder, CTCP policy does not allow its contractors to utilize Prop 99 funds for lobbying purposes. These visits are purely educational.

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