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Tobacco Money & Politics

In California, tobacco interests spend millions of dollars every year on political campaign contributions and lobbying expenditures in an attempt to influence the political landscape at the state legislature. Information about this spending can be useful to local advocates who are interested in finding more background information on legislators from their area.

This data is required to be reported to the California Secretary of State and is made publicly available through their website. At the Center, we compile this information into easy to access resources so you can reference it when needed.

We produce reports on tobacco interests’ spending every six months with details about how much money the tobacco interests spend, who they make contributions to and what bills they lobby on. Every two years, a comprehensive report for the full election cycle is produced. Below are the reports organized by election cycle. To view the Center’s database on campaign contributions from tobacco interests to members of the California Legislature, click here.

 2015-2016 Election Cycle
Money in Tobacco 4QTobacco Money in California Politics: 2015-2016 Cycle









2013-2014 Election Cycle
June19TMRTobacco Money in California Politics: 2013-2014 Cycle








2011-2012 Election Cycle
Tobacco Money in California Politics: 2011-2012 CycleTobacco Money in California Politics: 2011-2012 Cycle

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