Check out our Updated Organizing Documents!

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The Center is proud to share four updated organizing documents. Each of these documents are essential to your campaign, from figuring out your supporters to planning strategy and tactics.

Midwest Strategy Chart Guide – The Center FEB 2017: This strategy chart will take you step by step through all the various elements of a successful campaign. This document is the cornerstone of your campaign and should be regularly revised and updated.

Decision Maker Matrix – The Center FEB 2017: This document will guide your research for each of your decision makers. Find out what kind of groups your decision makers associate with, who their supporters are, and other important details.

Decision Maker Profile – The Center FEB 2017: Go deep into research for each of your decision makers. This document will guide your research and ask the major questions you should be able to answer for reach of your targets.

Circles of Influence – The Center FEB 2017: . This matrix will help you organize your  relations with the various decision makers. Get a global view on your coalition’s resources and figure out how you can leverage that influence to convince key decision makers.

As always, The Center is here to help you with your campaign. If you have any questions or want an in-person training, just let us know! You can email John Yi at

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