Legislative Update: First year of 2017-2018 session ends

Picture of the California State Capital Building in landscape orientation. View is from the South side of the building showing palm trees and the formal landscape.

The first year of the 2017/2018 legislative session concluded on Friday, September 18, which was the deadline for regular session bills to make it out of the Legislature and to the Governor’s desk. The deadline for the Governor to either sign or veto bills is October 15th. This is the first year of a two year legislative session, so any tobacco-related bills introduced in regular session that did not pass out of the Legislature will still have another opportunity to do so next year.

Two tobacco-related bills were approved by both the Senate and Assembly and sent to the Governor for his action. The governor has three options, (1) he can sign the bill into law, which allows the bill to take effect, (2) he can veto the bill, which stops the bill from taking effect, or (3) he can do nothing, which allows the law to take effect. For the complete legislative update, please click here.

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