New report released on campaign contributions and lobbying expenditures of tobacco interests during 2015-2016 election cycle

Picture of the California State Capital Building in landscape orientation. View is from the South side of the building showing palm trees and the formal landscape.

The American Lung Association in California Center for Tobacco Policy and Organizing has released a new report from the Tobacco Money in California Politics series detailing the latest tobacco interest spending. The new report, Campaign Contributions and Lobbying Expenditures of Tobacco Interests in California: Report for the 2015-2016 Election Cycle, shows that during the 2015-2016 election cycle tobacco interests had already contributed over $70 million in campaign contributions and donations to political committees, and spent $2.4 million to lobby on tobacco-related issues.

To see contributions to your legislators check out our Database of Tobacco Money in California Politics. This database contains information about campaign contributions from tobacco interests to members of the California Legislature, both past and present. The database can also be searched by district, election cycles and county.


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