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Policy Grades in California

Beverly Hills Results

Overall Tobacco Control Grade: A (13 points)

Smokefree Outdoor Air: A

Dining: 4/4

Entryways: 2/4

Public Events: 3/4

Recreation Areas: 4/4

Service Areas: 4/4

Sidewalks: 1/1

Worksites: 1/1

Smokefree Housing: A

Nonsmoking Apartments: 4/4

Nonsmoking Condominiums: 4/4

Nonsmoking Common Areas: 4/4

Reducing Sales of Tobacco Products: A

Tobacco Retailer Licensing: 4/4

Emerging Issues Bonus Points

Emerging Products Definition - Secondhand Smoke: 1/1

Emerging Products Definition - Licensing: 1/1

Retailer Location Restrictions: 0/1

Sale of Tobacco Products in Pharmacies: 0/1

Flavored Tobacco Products: 1/1

Minimum Pack Size of Cigars: 0/1

Grade Scale

Below is a quick reference for the point scale for the four letter grades received by each city and county.

Overall Tobacco Control Grade

A: 11-12 points
B: 8-10 points
C: 5-7 points
D: 2-4 points
F: 0-1 points

Smokefree Housing Grade

A: 10+ points
B: 7-9 points
C: 4-6 points
D: 1-3 points
F: 0 points

Smokefree Outdoor Air Grade

A: 18+ points
B: 13-17 points
C: 8-12 points
D: 3-7 points
F: 0-2 points

Reducing Sales of Tobacco Products Grade

A: 4+ points
B: 3 points
C: 2 points
D: 1 points
F: 0 points

Emerging Issues Bonus Points

3+ points adds one point to the Overall Grade

Download a PDF of the 2018 State of Tobacco Control California Local Grades