Tobacco Policy

Despite the many successes of tobacco control advocates at the state and local levels over the past several decades, there are still millions of people in California affected by tobacco, tens of thousands of youth in California who become smokers each year and an untold numbers of Californians who are impacted by secondhand smoke. At the Center, we believe that leadership and solutions to these problems can come from every level of government. For these reasons, we provide the following:

  • Resources to help local elected officials and advocates pass policies that restrict smoking in outdoor areas, require multi-unit housing buildings to be nonsmoking and prevent illegal sales of tobacco products to kids;
  • A variety of updates and resources to assist local advocates in understanding the impact of state and federal legislative action on their communities; and
  • Regular reports of contributions from tobacco interests to members of the California Legislature and other groups, tracking the ever increasing influence of tobacco interests on the state decision making process.