Secondhand Smoke: California Voters

In November 2008, the Center commissioned a survey of 600 California voters to assess their views about secondhand smoke and to gauge the level of support for policies to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke. This comprehensive survey asked questions about restricting smoking in over 20 different policy areas ranging from multi-unit housing to outdoor dining to parks to California Indian casinos. The results indicate that California voters support restrictions on smoking in these areas. Some of the areas that received the highest level of support include:

  • 78% of California voters support a law requiring apartment buildings to offer nonsmoking sections
  • 77% of California voters support banning smoking in front of doors and windows that open into shops, offices, restaurants or public buildings
  • 73% support a comprehensive ban on smoking in all areas accessible to the public except for designated smoking areas
  • 69% believe that workers at Indian casinos should be protected from secondhand smoke